Memorable Experience! Country Club Bandipur


Country Club Bandipur was excellent, and memorable experience for us. It was a surprise package. We never expected that kind of thrill out of that place. We were kept busy with lot of activities out there.

Games: Many of them snooker, Badminton, Chess, Caroms, Table Tennis, Cricket, then we had disco floor at night and camp fire too. Food was hall-mark of the resort its so Excellent and delicious!!! We loved it.

You had fantastic staff there, very co-operative. Rooms were apt to the forest. Day time we had huge watch-tower to go up and enjoyed the bird view of that place. We had trekking  vehicle safari ride of the forest and a beautiful pool to plunge and cool our heels. Ambiance of the entire property is unimaginable with lot of beautiful planted trees. We even found deer inside the fence and wild animals outside the fence occasionally.



Thanks &  Regards,

Shahnavaz Manipady.

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