A W E S O M E | Country Club Bandipur


We really enjoyed the stay at  Country Club bandipur.
Please see our feedback in the form of a poem.


C ourteous staff to take care of all
O ne visit a must for all
U and your family will enjoy
N ot very costly for most of all
T rue to their promise as they say
R eminds you even after many days
Y oung and old can enjoy food
C art ride to change the mood
L ovely helloing Turkey sound
U will enjoy the Greenery around
B abies too enjoy the pool
B ecause it is very cool
A wesome was the BONFIRE
N atural surrounding to inspire
D ance & disco with the light
I trust will bring you to limelight
P assing the ball in circular fashion
U nites people with a common notion
R ewind your busy life, with Fun & Frolic forest life




With warm regards,

Sridhar, Anuradha and Gokull.

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